Charity Quilts

Charity Quilts meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. In addition to a GREAT potluck lunch, they make LOTS of quilts for many worthy charitable causes. For more information, contact anyone at the shop, or drop in and talk with the coordinators on their Thursdays.

Machine Quilting 101

Learn to Quilt on your home machine.

Color Theory

This workshop is aimed at giving quilters and others who work with fabric confidence to choose the appropriate colors to achieve the desired results in their projects. Students learn how to create beautiful color schemes from a color wheel as well as several other methods and explore how colors interact to help avoid common color mistakes. Students will build a color wheel from fabric and carry out some cut and paste exercises designed to teach the basic properties of color. These sheets can then be assembled into a reference workbook. Skill level: Beginner and up

May 4
Art Journal Quilts
May 5
Embellish it! Rosette Chain
May 9
All Handwork