Beginning Wool Applique

Taught by Julie Pool. This class is designed for a first time introduction to Wool Applique. (Did we mention is is highly addictive?) 10:30 - 1:00

Charity Quilts

Charity Quilts meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. In addition to a GREAT potluck lunch, they make LOTS of quilts for many worthy charitable causes. For more information, contact anyone at the shop, or drop in and talk with the coordinators on their Thursdays.

Bella Vista Mini Landscapes

Bella Vista Mini Landscapes: This class is aimed at students interested in learning to use fabrics effectively for landscape quilts but who cannot devote the time for a larger complex sewn project. The landscapes in this class are small, simple and fused allowing more time to play with the creative use of fabrics while making a small wall-hanging measuring approximately 10x 12 or 14 x 20 which also makes them perfect for gifts. These mini-landscapes go together fast and it is possible for a confident student to get at least one done in class and also makes them easy and fun to recreate in different color schemes. The focus of the class will be on using fabrics creatively to get marvelous special effects. There are a variety of patterns (purchase required) to choose from. Skill Level: Beginner and up.

Jul 5
NICU Project Charity Quilts
Jul 5
NICU Project Charity Quilts
Jul 6
Art Journal Quilts