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Antique Sewing Machine Charm


Carolina Lily Charm


Cathedral Window Charm


Charm Broken Wheel+


Dresden Plate Charm*


Dutchman's Puzzle Charm


Dutchman's Puzzle Charm Civil War


Hands All Around Charm


Hexie Flower Garden Charm


Jewel Box Charm


Knitting Yarn Charm


Lady of the Lake Charm*


Lightweight Machine Pin


Log Cabin Charm


Modern Quilt Charm Grays*


Needle Keeper


Needle Keeper


Needle Keeper


Needle Keeper Fox Shell


Needle Keeper Sheep


Needle Nanny /Elephant


Needle Nanny Bunny*+


Needle Nanny Flower+


Needle Nanny Sarah's Choice Quilt Block


Patched Heart Country Charm


Paua Rose Needle Keeper*+


Penny Rug Charm


Pin Cushion Charm


Pinwheel Charm


Rhodium Bracelet for Charms+


Rose of Sharon Charm


Rotary Cutter Charm


Round Lace Abalone Shawl Pin*


Royal Elepante Shawl Pin*


Scissor Charm


Seam Ripper Charm


Sewing Machine Charm Holder


Sewing Machine Pendant Silver


Sewing Machine Pendant Silver


Sewing Machine Pin


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