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Needle Threader - Heart

 use with these needles 

  • Tapestry Needles Size 28 and larger
  • Chenille Needles Size 28 and larger
  • Embroidery Needles Size 8 and larger
  • Basting Needles Size 7 and larger
  • Darning Needles Size 5 and larger

Long Eye Needle Threaders -  these Magnetic Needle Threaders are fashioned for Long Eyed Needs, made with a sturdy Stainless steel hook and slightly magnetized -  the perfect threading tool for larger needles 

Each Puffin Needle Threader is slightly magnetizedMagnetic Needle Nannies to keep everything handy and in one place! 

Artisan-crafted Micro & Long Eye Needle Threaders are a fun and efficient way to thread needles and a great gift idea for all types of needle-craft enthusiasts; sewing lovers, cross stitch lovers, needlepoint lovers, quilting lovers, counted thread lovers, and embroidery lovers ... great for all types of stitching, fabric, and fiber projects

 is a pretty and practical tool that will help you thread those tiny, hard-to-thread,  needles!  A unique handcrafted tool or gift idea for needlework, cross stitch, quilting, sewing, needlepoint, and all types of needle-craft lovers!    

  • Each Puffin Needle Threader is handmade of recycled Copper, Brass, and Nickel
  • Includes High-Quality Rare Earth Magnet to keep Needle Threader in Place
  • The Magnet is Strong Enough to Hold your Needles in Place  
  • Each Artisan Crafted Micro Needle Threader is Approximately 1 x 1-inch
  • A Micro Needle Nanny is a Unique, Beautiful  piece of Handcrafted Art
  • We Donate a Portion of our Proceeds to Helping Others in Need 
  • Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Every Puffin Needle Threader is "A Gift that Gives Back" with 10% of our proceeds being donated to charities & organizations dedicated to helping others in need.